Heart of the Villages - Comprehensive adult cardiology
Established recently Heart of the villages is owned by cardiology expert Dr. Georg Couturier who is a highly trained professional cardiologist. Heart of the villages has a convenient office location in the Villages with full diagnostic facilities.
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Commitment to quality is fundamental to Heart of the villages. We try to adhere to standards of practice guidelines and monitor our clinical and functional outcomes. We participate in research trials and new drugs and devices.

We use state of the art diagnostic equipment in our various offices. We emphasize on positive patient experience. We want each and every patient to leave our facilities feeling that we have exceeded their expectations, both medically and professionally. We understand that sometimes physicians tend to run into emergencies or get delayed in the hospital for various reasons and that they may be behind schedule. We try to make every effort to notify the patient of the delay and we hope that our patients understand this.

At Heart of the villages, we believe that a successful partnership between the patient and family and primary care physician and the cardiologist is the recipe for a healthy heart. To provide easy access for patient referral, for better communication and for better access to our patient records, we have created a unique, fully secured web enabled services, which our referring physician offices can access at any time and from anywhere.

Today, Heart of the villages is uniquely positioned to respond to the needs of our referring physicians and patients close to their communities. We will pursue opportunities to expand geographic coverage and services as we explore new technologies and treatments. Our goal is clearly to bring quality healthcare to our patients close to the community they live in.